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Leo Milkhiker


Leo was born into family of artists in the city of Chernovtci, which is situated in Western Ukraine. He grew up in a household where paintings and sketches, graphics and designs, paint, canvas and paintbrushes were all present in great abundance. While his talents were developing he learned the concepts and philosophy of art. He gained a profound knowledge of world history, philosophy and religion, a knowledge which is invaluable to him in his work designing, creating and restoring beautiful stained glass windows for not only houses of worship but also commercial and residential buildings. 


1994 - Present

1990 - 1994



Leo Art Studio - Stained Glass Artist

Clark, NJ


Rohlf Stained Glass Studio, New York

1974 -1989


Artistic Design Studios of Artistic Fund of USSR

Chernovtci, Ukraine

Complex design of public and administrative buildings, public places such as movie theaters, restaurants, vacation homes/sanatoriums, cultural centers. Interior and exterior design, paining on the wall/frescos, mosaics, stained glass (full process design, cartooning and creation).

1975 - 1986


Senej Experimental Studio of Union of Artists of USSR

Moscow, USSR

1969 - 1974

Moscow State Institute.  Major - Fine Arts

Moscow, USSR



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